Control-S, Control-Sea

Three years from now I’ll be shedding a shiny black gown and square cap for the second time. The accomplishment this time isn’t a journey through Crayons and SAT’s; it’s a step from a great community of people who watched you disperse into the ‘real world.’ Luckily, college provides lifeguards in case you falter.

The real world is everywhere, and it’s becoming closer to people via the internet. There’s no denying that my future plans of going into Maritime English will call for me to utilize the world wide web. A Trans-Atlantic path is carved out by the internet to help people share ideas and make plans that benefit the globe. As a writer and maritime lover, my goals for a career involve travelling and teaching. I wish I could be a sponge and absorb everything there is to know about cultures and the sea. Part of being a teacher and writer is about observing and listening to other people. A great way to do this and spread knowledge fast is by posting blogs, videos, and pictures on the internet. It’ll be vital for me to keep others posted on what I’m learning. 

A witty writing professor I had back at Champlain College told us that the computer is our friend in the coming times. He may have been an old dinosaur, but he was right. He connected to classrooms as far as India via Skype to talk to them about writing and his current projects. Feedback for him was quick and useful. Teachers are creating larger environments for students to think in because of the internet. 

I can imagine myself in Ireland ,a couple months after graduation, and teaching a class about the importance of the sea through literature. They’ll look at Captain’s Courageous and see how a little boy can go from spoiled to an old sea dog. I’ll show students what pirates were really like (saving Captain Jack Sparrow for Disney imagination only), and surprise them with the existence of modern pirates. Not only is it important to know what it was like on the ocean, but it’s even more pressing to know how the ocean has changed and why it should be protected. If more people are aware of maritime culture, then the future for global harmony will be bright. Had good ol’ Columbus reached India instead of America, life on Earth would be looking different. Who knows if the internet would be here! On top of discoveries, the ocean provides us with our weather and sea-food lovers supply. I can’t wait to learn about issues that need to be resolved, and be a voice for others who want to help as well. Like the internet, it’s what we can’t see that connects us.  


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