Recipe for a Good Day


12 mile bike ride

1 hour gardening

1 mason jar filled & chilled: lime, lemon, cucumber, and basil

1 trip to the library

1 hammock

1 hearty buddha bowl

2 email exchanges arranging a job interview


After a streak of heavy, humid heat, today relieved us all with a gentle wind and dazzling sunshine. I took advantage of this ideal temperature (approximately 76 degrees Fahrenheit) and zipped away on my 1980’s hybrid bike. I pedaled along the serene Red Cedar Lake, mounted Buckley Hill at record speeds, and passed a field of grazing brown cows. Twelve miles went quick! I even PR’ed (personal record) on several tough hills that I use to walk the bike up. Today, I had the energy. I blame the dark chocolate and chia seeds that melted over the blueberries in my porridge. Mmm mmm good!

Shortly after the scenic mind cleanser, I decided to browse the shelves at my local library. I found an excellent summer read! Already the book has proved a page-turner, and I only got through the first 100 pages while swinging in the hammock. Maybe tonight I will flip through another 100. I am addicted to Alice – the protagonist of What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty – who has lost her memory from the past 10 years. Moriarty explores the minds of Alice and her family as the mysterious past 10 years comes together for the 39 year old woman. I began to think about memory and what would happen if I suddenly had a gap between years. Our memories are like blankets to snuggle up in: on the holidays, in the bedroom, or on a traffic heavy highway. But our memories can also cause us to grab a blanket…in fear. Remembering the past and feeling regret. Without a past and the memories that act like our own personal encyclopedia, we would be scared of who we are today. For Alice, she lost 10 years worth of memories and does not even recognize herself. Today, I am thankful for my memories.

To end the day, I discovered I landed an interview at Dublin’s leading music magazine – Hot Press! I am thrilled to learn more about this opportunity. And so I celebrated. I cooked up a rice noodle buddha bowl, topped with spicy hemp granola, lime avocado sauce, edamame, purple cabbage, and baked tofu. Delish! FullSizeRender (6).jpg


One thought on “Recipe for a Good Day

  1. I dont know if you will see this but I was very impressed by this blog. Your writing is terrific! Keep it up and good luck with the interview!!

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